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Framed canvas

Our float framed canvases are pretty special.

A traditional canvas print with a solid wooden frame around each edge.

Float frames

The 10mm frame sits approximately 5mm from the canvas edge creating a floating border effect. It transforms any work of art into something completely stunning.

Framed manufacturing

Elegant, museum-grade materials

As with our traditional canvas prints, we use a 12-colour giclée fine art process, but add a white, brown or black wooden frame.

We print on thick 400gsm artist-grade canvas material and finish with 38mm deep internal European canvas frames.

Framed manufacturing


The frame is 10mm face-on, 38mm deep with a 5mm from the edge of the canvas

Available print sizes are from 30cm (12 inches) to 1 metre (40 inches).

Framed manufacturing

All 180+ of our images are available as a high-quality framed canvas.

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