12. Some Wild Flowers of Quilpue Chili. by Marianne North

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12. Some Wild Flowers of Quilpue Chili.
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12. Some Wild Flowers of Quilpue Chili.
Marianne North
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Beginning at the top on the right are the tufted leaves and hanging orange-red flowers of Lobelia salicifolia, Don, and intermingling with the foliage the graceful blue Conanthera bifolia, Ruiz et Pav. Next comes a green and white Chloraea and the small pale yellow Litre, Rhus caustica, Hook. et Arm. (syn. Lithraeavenenosa, Miers), which has the reputation of being poisonous like some of its North American congeners (see Panel No. 13). Below this is an Alstroemeria, probably A. peregrina, Ruiz et Pav, having pink and orange-purple flowers with A. aurantiaca on the right of it, another species of Chloraea, and the pale blue racemes of the "Mint Bush" (Psoralea glandulosa, Linn.). The streaked leaves and curiously formed dull purple and green flowers at the bottom are those of Aristolochia chilensis, Miers, with a purple species of Oenothera, a yellow variety of the many-coloured Salpiglossis sinuata, Ruiz at

The Artist: Marianne North

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