409. Old Dutch Vase and South African Flowers. by Marianne North

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409. Old Dutch Vase and South African Flowers.
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409. Old Dutch Vase and South African Flowers.
Marianne North
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This painting done at Groot Post gives some idea of the astonishing wealth in variety exhibited by the bulbous plants of South Africa. In no other part of the world is there so great a concentration of species of this class of plants, and many of the species are so closely allied that it is impossible in a brief description, such as can be given here, to indicate intelligibly all those represented in this and some of the other selections. Therefore it must suffice to name those easily distinguished. At the top, the blue Vieusseuxia tripetaloides, DC. and two flowers of the yellow V. Bellendeni, Sweet; the crimson flowers above on the right are Antholyza sp., and next to it is Gladiolus orchioides, Andr., and the large star-like rosy flower with a dark centre is Hypoxis stellata, Linn. f. A yellow Babiana hangs over on the left, and below is the pale yellow Grielum tenuifolium,,Linn, a Rosaceous herb. On the right the pale yellow Sparaxis grandiflora, Ker, and the densely crowded Ornithogalum thyrsoideum, Jacq.

The Artist: Marianne North

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